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The Top Twenty Christmas Toys On eBay UK - 2009

Free Auction Tools provider Auctionlotwatch.co.uk announced today its annual predictions for what will be the most popular Christmas toys on eBay UK this year. Based on industry source predictions & current searches the list highlights some past favourites.

With concerns voiced as to whether toy manufacturers & retailers have misjudged the amount of toys required this Christmas, shoppers are expected to be buying earlier this year. The BBC reports that there may be limited stock on some of the popular items this Christmas due to delays in ordering sufficient quantities in time. In Scotland parents have already started to panic as shops start to sell out of this years "must have" toys.

Stuart Grant, of the Toy Retailers' Association, said: "Retailers and manufacturers have definitely been too cautious and the problems will really emerge at the start of December."

This is further backed up by Hm Revenue & Customs who said stores imported 5.5billion of toys in the first nine months of this year - half the 11.2billion of the same period last year.

The success of toys such as Go Go Hamsters has taken many by surprise with around a million being sold a week in the United States, but Britain has been allocated just 450,000 for the whole year. Old favourite Lego is also in the top toys list with a couple of new variations that are attracting high demand. Rubik's 360, the latest puzzle from the makers of the famous cube, and Monopoly City, an updated version of the board game, are also said to be selling well but are in short supply.

A recent survey by eDigitalResearch and IMRG reported that 93% of consumers are planning to do at least some of their shopping online this Christmas. 71% of those who responded are planning to buy more than half of their gifts on the web.

The Top Twenty Christmas Toys List

* Top Twenty Hot Christmas Toy predictions based on manufacturer, retailer & industry sources.

Posted: Tue November 24 14:45 GMT



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