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ebay - Auctions Overtaken By Fixed Price Sales

The Telegraph reported today that fixed priced sales have outnumbered auction transactions on eBay for the first time as businesses take over the web site from individual sellers.

The news shows just how far ebay has changed and developed since its humble beginnings in 1995. It can no longer be described as an oversized flea market and has made serious inroads into attracting high street names to its marketplace.

eBay, which last year sold 40bn worth of goods globally and is visited by 18m British web users every month has changed in line with its customers changing buying habits.

Companies such as Argos, Tesco, Debenhams etc now offer a wide range of products and obviously see it as a viable route to new customers.

Speaking to The Times newspaper Richard Kanareck, communications director at eBay UK said: "Ten years ago (auctions) were fun, that was the way of getting people over the line of having a new experience, which was, `Hey I'm going to shop on my computer'. Ten years later that's so commonplace that people want it to be quick, easy and mainstream."

In general, sales through auctions continued to rise, said eBay, but in comparison, sales at fixed amounts had exploded. The company admitted that it expected the trend to continue.

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Posted: Thurs December 10 15:45 GMT

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