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Christmas Presents On A Budget

It is difficult enough most years to find Christmas presents for family and friends and this year is no exception with many people restricting themselves to a tight shopping budget. With the credit crunch in full effect, shoppers are increasingly looking for great deals and bargain buys to save even more money.

If you're stuck for Christmas present ideas and want to shop on a budget then take a look at a site that is becoming more and more popular with shoppers around the world - auctionfinal.com

AuctionFinal is described as your final stop for last minute bargains at eBay and looking at some of the deals available you can see why!

The concept is simple - it shows all Closing Auctions across all eBay categories that have No Bids. You can set the closing time - from 5 mins to 1 hour and also you can add the maximum price you wish to pay. Search all categories for the widest range of items or select a top level category to narrow down the results returned - the choice is yours.

With auctions closing all the time the variety of items available changes regularly and if you're stuck for present ideas then this can certainly throw up some great options.

As an example we ran a search using a maximum price of 10 and with the auctions closing within 20 minutes. Here are just a selection of the hundreds of items, all with no bids, that this free search returned:

  • New 2.8TFT 32GB Touch Screen Mp3 Mp4 MP5 Player - 4.99
  • New Mini 8GB USB Spy Pen Recorder DVR Video Camera 640*480 - 6.50
  • New Leather Case Pouch For Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet - 7.95
  • New Leather Case Cover for Apple iPod Touch 2Gen - 2.98
  • New GYRO Metal 3-Channel Micro Mini RC Helicopter - 0.99
  • New 3-IN-1 Keychain Mini Digital Camera & Webcam - 9.99
  • New Black Hawk Down Gold Pack PC - 3.50
  • New Wharfedale in ear headphones Blue - 0.99
  • New Lego ALIENT CONQUEST Jetpack 30141 - 7.50
  • Digital Photo Frame Keyring - 9.99
[Items shown displayed on 29/11/10 - 23:00 GMT]

In fact there was so much choice available it was difficult to compile the above list. AuctionFinal works with 14 different eBay country sites so regardless of where you are located check out auctionfinal.com for your last minute eBay bargains.

[ Visit AuctionFinal ]

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Posted: Tuesday November 29 23:30 GMT



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