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1 Million film found on eBay

Proving that on eBay there is still hidden treasures to be found, an eBay buyer bought an old film for 3.20 - and then discovered it was worth 1 Million.

Morace Park stumbled across an item listed as "old film" in a battered tin on the internet auction website. When the item arrived through the post he opened it to find to his amazement a 35mm film inside with the title "Charlie Chaplin in Zepped".

He was further stunned when experts told him the footage - from an obscure 1916 short propaganda film for the war effort - was worth a fortune. The dad-of-three has already been offered 900,000 by a private collector but has no plans to sell it at the moment.

Morace, 46 from Essex, said yesterday: "I am not interested in selling - there's no rush! I never imagined when I received the tin that it would be worth a million and take me around the world - it's been like the search for the Holy Grail."

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Posted: Monday May 24 14:26 GMT

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