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eBay UK & Argos Trial Click-And-Collect

eBay shoppers across the UK will soon be able to buy a range of selected goods on eBay's online marketplace and then pick them up from one of around 150 Argos stores. At least 50, as yet unnamed, large eBay merchants will be taking part in what initially is being described as a trial. This pilot scheme is expected to run for six months - spanning the crucial Christmas sales period.

Argos, part of the Home Retail Group, already has a close working relationship with eBay UK with the Argos Outlet eBay Store & Argos Seconds eBay store featuring prominently amongst eBay's high profile merchants.

Argos Managing Director John Walden explained: "With the continuing growth of online shopping, customers increasingly expect faster, cheaper and more convenient fulfilment of their orders. Having pioneered Click & Collect in the year 2000, it now accounts for around a third of our business and continues to grow. eBay, an innovator in digital and leading online marketplace connecting sellers and consumers, is already a strong partner with Argos and a logical partner for the trial."

Walden said that "very few retailers have a distribution and store network that are fit for multiple store distribution, collection and home delivery."

He continued: “They don’t have the scale for that model. Certainly online retailers don’t have the scale. Most people resort to using couriers which is an additional cost which, in the environment of fast and free delivery is a subsidised cost. We think that’s an opportunity that Argos can help address.”

Devin Wenig, president of eBay, said: "The distinction between offline and online shopping continues to blur. Traditional retail isn’t going away; it’s transforming. Smart retailers are innovating, reimagining the store and what it means to shop. We’re proud to join Argos on this journey. This exciting pilot takes us one step nearer to our goal of offering customers an inspired and seamless shopping experience.”

Explaining the reasoning behind the move Wenig continued “We know from our data and our experience around the world, consumers love choice and this will given them an entirely new option for thousands of items that previously could not be delivered in this way.”

Indicating that this kind of tie up will be rolled out further he added: “This is a snippet of what is going to happen all around the world”.

As well as this announcement, eBay UK also revealed plans to test a one-hour delivery service in London some time in 2014, but had no other details as yet.

[Visit eBay UK]

Posted: Fri 27th September 16:55 GMT



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