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Auction News

Free Photos For eBay UK

After many years of requests from sellers eBay UK has announced that from August it will offer sellers twelve free photos per listing. The offer will apply regardless of the listing format i.e. BIN or Auction or the duration of the listing. As an additional bonus - the image zoom facility will also be included, free of charge, which is well worth taking advantage of.

eBay confirmed that as a result of the above, the Picture Pack offer will no longer be available, but you’ll still be able to enhance your listings by purchasing the Supersize offer. This feature will remain at the same price as previously. In addition to the above changes eBay UK has also announced that it will be implementing new eBay picture standards to apply from Autumn 2013. eBay is obviously hoping that the new changes combined with the increase in free photos will lead to an improvement in sales for the majority of sellers.

One notable change in picture standards which follows changes on eBay.com is that sellers will no longer be allowed to add borders, text, flags etc to images posted on the site. In an effort to standardise and level the playing field eBay is imposing a series of changes which briefly state the following:
  • No photo, no listing
  • Don't use stock photos for used item listings
  • Don't add borders, text, or artwork on to the photos
  • Make sure the longest side of all your photo images is at least 500 pixels
This change in eBay policy has certainly been met with approval from eBay UK sellers - though many do add a "not before time" comment to their feedback.

[Visit eBay UK] [View Photo Standard Changes]

Posted: Fri 12th April 17:25 GMT



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