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Auction News

eBay Mobile Apps & Deals

eBay have launched a new feature to their range of mobile apps that will deliver eBay daily picks targeted specifically at mobile devices. These deals are not available on a desktop platform and must be accessed through the eBay mobile app on an Android, iPhone or iPad.

These daily picks, eBay selected special offers, will run for 24hrs - noon until noon excluding weekends.

eBay has a clear strategy for developing its mobile marketplace and aims to dominate mobile shopping with agressive marketing and ambitious targets.

Download FREE eBay Mobile Apps Below:

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With eBay's mobile applications, you can snag that hard-to-find item, check the status of your eBay activities, get alerts when you're outbid, and list items for sale with select apps. You can buy items on eBay straight from your mobile device simply by downloading one of the mobile apps listed above.

[eBay Daily Picks Mobile UK] [eBay Daily Picks Mobile USA]

Posted: Fri 3rd May 10:55 GMT



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