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Auction News

eBay Launch New European Sites

eBay has launched new auction sites in Portugal, Finland and Hungary which ramps up the number of potential buyers and sellers by an additional 25 million people.

eBay stated that "the key benefits for other international sellers would be the chance to increase their sales to the new locations and also to target specific markets, as buyers generally look for products that cannot be found locally or are more expensive in their own country."

The new European sites follow on the heels of Russia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, Sweden and Norway which opened earlier in 2010. eBay confirmed that "over 8 million items have been bought from these markets and the number of customers continues to grow rapidly. The most popular item categories in these new markets are Fashion, Consumer Electronics and Auto Parts."

Buyers in the new markets will benefit from an eBay site in their local language, the ability to search for items across eBay’s global inventory which can be delivered to their location. In addition prices will be converted into the buyers local currency and customer support will be in their native language.

eBay did point out that Paypal will be the only accepted form of payment in the new international markets.

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Posted: Mon October 24 14:28 GMT



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