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Affluent Turn To eBay Clothes Shopping

eBay UK have recently reported a massive jump in the number of wealthy shoppers turning to buying clothes from its eBay Outlet as a way of keeping up appearances.

Instead of purchasing expensive clothes from high street retailers shoppers in affluent areas of the UK are increasingly turning to eBay.

The auction site's own research shows that an increasing number of shoppers, who live in areas with expensive housing, are using the site to buy cut-price items for their wardrobes.

Demand for high-quality handbags, black dresses, coats and shoes has soared by more than 300 per cent. eBay Fashion Outlet, the fashion section of the auction site, is used by big-name clothing and retailers such as Karen Millen, Ted Baker, House of Fraser, Dune and more to clear stock swiftly at low prices.

eBay Outlet have compared the number of people from affluent postcodes that now shop at eBay with numbers before the recession.

According to eBay Outlet, there has been a 339 per cent rise in the amount of people living in Clapham's SW4 postcode (where homes cost up to 2.2m) using the site. LS17 residents in Leeds that shop on eBay have increased by 327 per cent.

Ruth Szyszkowski, spokeswoman for eBay Outlet, said: "We're seeing the emergence of a new breed of reduced wealth shoppers. They're people who still want to go to all of the leading social occasions looking like a million dollars - but at a quarter of the price. They're still flaunting the labels - but keeping the price tag quiet."

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Posted: Tues August 24 13:10 GMT



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