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Auction Sales Assistant

Do you want to sell more at eBay auctions??

Auction Lotwatch are pleased to introduce your very own eBay Virtual Auction Assistant

Automatically add your SitePal™ salesperson to any of your eBay listings.

Enhance your eBay auction and increase sales with SitePal:

    Boost your auction sales.
    Describe and pitch your item.
    Highlight important details.
    Turn uncertain bidders into active bidders
    Build trust with your prospective buyers through a spoken, personal message.

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    Easily add your SitePal character to any of your EBay auctions! No programming or handling of code in any way.
    SitePal detects your auctions, and interfaces directly with eBay to add your speaking character to your auctions.
    Customize your character. Choose from 20 base models, and design your own unique character.
    Record up to 1 minute of your own audio or choose from one of the Premium Audio Options
       (Text-To-Speech or Record By Phone)
    Update your audio or character at any time during the auction.
    Interactivity - viewers can start, stop or replay the SitePal character at any time.


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