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eBid Auctions Improves Global Appeal

eBid announced recently that it had made some changes to its platform to assist buyers globally. eBid which started trading in 1999 in the UK now has a presence in 20 markets including in the US and Canada, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, India and Australia etc.

Continental sites, which is one of the new features added to the platform, will enable buyers to purchase items from around the world. Other changes include a location/distance selling search for its' UK & US markets, also where available a Calculated Shipping feature has been added.

Co-Founder, Mark Wilkinson believes eBid’s longevity steams from building a business model that affords sellers strong profits without the burden of high fees and gives bidders the best bargains to fit their budget. He says: “The fundamental premise of our business is to provide an online store for people to sell their unwanted items to either make a living or supplement their income and give savvy shoppers a place to come for the best deals around. We’ve never wavered from that and, by listening to our community and growing with them, we now have an active and vibrant global business built from grass roots users.”

Clearly with targeted investment in the platform eBid is strengthening its position and hopes to tempt more international buyers and sellers from its nearest rivals.

[Visit eBid UK Auctions] [Visit eBid USA Auctions]

Posted: Wed June 16 22:09 GMT



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