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Auction News

eBid Ramps Up Growth

eBid the UK's second largest auction site has seen rapid growth over the past year. With nearly 4.5 million live auctions site wide it is preparing itself for what should be its busiest Christmas period.

One of the reasons for its apparent growth is its ability to attract sellers with a no sale, no fee policy plus a low final value fee when a sale is made. Whilst it is obvious to all that the current economic climate is extremely difficult, in a recent AuctionBytes survey, eBid sellers recorded a 37.5% increase in sales (value) in October as compared to the same period in 2010.

eBid which started trading in 1999 in the UK now has a presence in 21 markets including in the US and Canada, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, India and Australia etc.

[Visit eBid UK Auctions] [Visit eBid USA Auctions]

Posted: Thurs November 24 14:30 GMT



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