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eBid Reports Strong Seller Growth

A recent report from eCommerce Bytes has revealed that a whopping 85% of small online merchants earning less than $50,000 in sales have decided not to list their goods with Google Shopping. In fact, even among merchants earning more than $50,000 in sales, 74% have reported they are also unlikely to list.

eBid, one of the largest online marketplaces with 5 million live listings, has seen daily growth in new sellers joining eBid - up nearly 21% since November 2012, most likely in response to its policy of providing free Google Shopping listings to all merchants even after Google changed Google Shopping to a paid cost-per-click model.

Mark Wilkinson, co-founder of eBid said, "We've been seeing a considerable increase in new sellers joining up. While there are a number of factors that this growth may be contributed to, such as our increased marketing efforts, I believe that one of the key reasons is our providing considerable search traffic to our sellers through Google Shopping. We are one of the few sites who have pledged to maintain Google Shopping free of charge for all our members rather than to raise fees or pass the cost along to our members in other ways."

In addition eBid already offers sellers a cost efective alternative to other online marketplaces thanks to its free listing fees and consistently low final value fees (from 0% - 3%). From humble beginnings eBid has grown in recognition among online merchants. In eCommerce Bytes' recent "2013 Seller's Choice Survey" eBid moved up an impressive eight places in overall ranking among online merchants.

eBid represents a $6 billion marketplace spanning 23 territories, covering more than 100 countries and five continents. Competitive features like zero insertion fees, low final cost fees, a "Make An Offer" button and "Multiple Item Checkout" as well as a generous affiliate program and wide territorial coverage have all combined to propel eBid into this top bracket. Transactions on eBid may be completed using multiple, secure payment systems, either PPPay.com, Google Wallet, PayPal, or Skrill (Moneybookers).

[Click To Visit eBid.net] [Click To View eBid International Sites]

Posted: Tues March 26 16:27 GMT



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