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New Auction Site Goes Live 
Post: #1   PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:55 pm Reply with quote
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Hi, I was looking for an ipad air cover for my son when I came across your site on Facebook. Below is a copy of what I have been posting on various sites, please have a read and contact me if youre at all interested. Your help & support is much appreciated. I gave you a 'Like' on Facebook and left a comment as your site and products are excellent. Keep up the good work.

We are a new auction Internet site that charges ?1 to sell any item over ?10 and you can have up to 8 photos included in your ?1 fee.

If your item is ?9.99 or less then you only get charged 10%.

Once you up load something you get a home page feature of your item.

We appreciate it will take a long time to get established so to help, your listing can be displayed for up to 2 months which is also included for your ?1 fee.

Advertising is due to start the first week of December, although its not national as yet but it's a start. After all we are just a husband & wife business or should I say wife & husband business!!!

Since we are just about to commence advertising we require items for people to look at. So if there are any businesses/shops out there that would like to take this opportunity to have free listings of their goods for 3 months then please drop me a line at and I will arrange free fees for 3 months. This will show items for sale on our site for people to view when the advertising starts so in return we won't charge a penny for the 3 months.


Graham Hall (Durham-North East England)
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New Auction Site Goes Live 
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