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Google Glass On eBay - Again

As reported in several publications the new Google Glass Smart Glasses have been popping up on eBay US with the latest one pushing bids up to $100k. However, if the previous auctions for the Google Glass are anything to go by, then this one will be pulled before the highest bidder gets chance to savour the win.

Apparently Google have started giving out test samples of Google Glass to a select number of enthusiasts but appear to be less than happy that several of them have appeared on the popular auction site. Google threw open the doors for applicatons to the Google Glass Competition with the "winners" having to stump up $1,500 for the privilidge of getting a sample to play with ahead of the game. Google clearly stated though that this Google Glass - Explorer Edition was not to be offered for resale. However such is the interest in the new Google offering that the $1,500 could turn out to be a very shrewd investment.

The latest auction - screenshot below - has at the time of writing this received 28 bids and currently stands at over $90,000 and is simply listed as Google Glass on eBay

Click To Zoom on eBay

The description on the listing states: "I was selected to try Google Glass. I was contacted via twitter and can send a screen shot. I will get details in a few weeks to pick them up!"

It will certainly be interesting to see what final price is achieved on this auction - if it manages to get that far - which on past performance is doubtful! There is also a real chance that Google may decide not to supply those that have choosen to offer up their Smart Glasses for sale to the highest bidder.

[Google Glass eBay Listing]

Posted: Wed 17th April 10:25 GMT



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