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Looking For Stock To Sell This Christmas?

With the busiest shopping season upon us many auction sellers are ramping up efforts to find suitable stock for resale in light of increased demand. Whether you buy one-off items or by the pallet load, securing the right stock at the right price is even more important in this busy trading season.

Hunting for those items which can be resold at online venues such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook or standalone sites is a never ending process & according to sellers it can be extremely time consuming. Many resellers will already have a selection of regular venues both off & online where they secure a myriad products to tempt their customers. However the majority will agree that you can never have too many options when searching for suitable stock!

So here's a helpful round up of eight stock buying ideas that you may not have thought about yet:

1) Hot Closing Auctions
Here you can find closing auctions on eBay that have received the most bids. Ideal for targeting bargains that others have spotted before the auctions close. You can choose a category and the level of bidding with this free multi-country tool - all results are real time. As an example click this link: Hot Jewelery & Watches or why not check out categories such as Job Lots & Pallet Sales to see todays hot items that will sell. Hot eBay Auctions

2) Closing Auctions With NO Bids
Here you can find closing auctions on eBay that have received no bids and are about to close. Search all categories in one go or single out specific categories to display results from. All items displayed will have zero bids - that means no competition and be closing within minutes. You can set the closing time and also add a minimum and maximum price to further filter results. Last minute Auctions With NO Bids

3) Auctions With Spelling Mistakes
Here you can search for items where the item has been spelt incorrectly. If the item has not been listed correctly then it will not appear in searches & invariably will close with no bids. Enter the correct spelling of any item & this established search tool will return the maximum number of results. If you're wondering what to search for it also has a handy list - eBay 100 most common spelling searches that will get you started. eBay spelling mistakes search

4) Auction & Shopping Search Engine
Here you can search the Top Seven auction & shopping sites in seconds with one search! Looking for a specific item or perhaps you want to check a price for a particular item? Find the best price for the items you want to buy - one free search covering millions of products. [ UK|US ]

5) Alternative Auction Sites
Here you will find a varied selection of auction sites in what has been dubbed the "alternatives to eBay list". In truth it is a comprehensive list of auction sites by country that offers additional venues where the canny buyer can potentially find stock. Click the following link then select which country you require. sites like eBay

6) Automated Search Alerts Via Email
Here you can create automated standard searches for specific items including misspellings. Set up searches to deliver results as frequently as you require - all via email. Ideal if you are looking for a hard to find item or want to receive regular updates on items listed with spelling mistakes in the title. misspellings via email

7) Automated Bid Sniping
Here you can set up a free account and bid in the very last seconds of an auction. Ever missed an auction bargain because it closed in the middle of the night? Or maybe you have previously bid too early on that 'must have' item only to lose out to other bidders? Set the maximum you're willing to pay for an item and this online tool will automatically bid up to that amount - usually not giving other bidders a chance to react! free eBay Sniping tool

8) International Auctions
Here you can find a full list of eBay's International sites. For resellers who purchase smaller items then keeping your eye on auctions in other countries has proved to be profitable. Hard to find items may well be listed on other country specific eBay sites and these items may not appear in search results when searching from your home site. Other than ensuring the delivery costs are reasonable and what, if any, additional taxes would be applicable then there is nothing stopping resellers from purchasing items from another country. eBay International Auctions

So there you have it - eight quick and simple ideas for locating stock that you may not have thought about. If you have found this helpful then please feel free to share - happy buying!

Posted: Thurs October 29 16:40 GMT



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