Free Auction News & Reviews | Volume #11 | September 2006
Auction Spotlight - Tazbar Auctions

Over the years I have seen many an auction site come and go. In some cases the shouts of
"we'll be the next eBay" have hardly died down before you find that unfortunately the site has expired. As some have found out, it simply isn't as easy as buying an auction software package and hoping that people will visit.

What a refreshing change then to stumble across Tazbar [ ] a newcomer to the international auction scene. After several years in the planning this site has definitely created a buzz since its launch on August 1st 2006.

Instead of focusing on the similarities, or trying to copy its main rivals, Tazbar is trumpeting what makes it different. With features such as anti-sniping, wanted ads, no listing fee and a low final sales fee it is clear that they have done their homework.

"Over the last 4-5 years myself and a small number of others became disillusioned with the alternative auction sites" explained Chairman Glenn James "Our sales were reducing, profits eroding but our associated online costs increasing. The business that began as fun, very good profitable fun, in fact no longer was. There was no community spirit, no interaction with the users and absolutely no communication. So two years ago we sat down together and devised Not just an online venue to the alternative but a venue that shall in time, set the example for others to try and follow."

Is Tazbar ready for the challenges ahead?
"We know we have so much more to do over the coming months. Additional features are being carefully added to the site on an on-going basis and these will continue. As we have already shown the suggestions coming from our community are very welcome and help us deliver what we believe will become ‘the perfect venue’." added the Chairman.

Admirable sentiments and judging by the response I have seen so far there definitely seems to be the start of a growing and active community. Of course it is still early days and they have yet to prove whether they can continue to build on the initial success and develop a flourishing marketplace. However the initial signs are promising though, so if auctions are your thing maybe it's time you "rocked the Tazbar!"

Tazbar Auctions

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