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Auctions - What if you have a complaint?

UK Buyers - What to do if you have a complaint? If you are experiencing problems with an online auction transaction you may find the following information helpful:

Firstly try to resolve any issues directly with the seller. This will be by far the quickest method but may sometimes not be possible. If you find you cannot resolve the issue amiacably between yourselves then check whether the auction site has a dispute resolution procedure.

As an example SquareTrade, eBay's preferred dispute resolution provider, offers two services: a free web-based forum which allows users to attempt to resolve their differences on their own or if necessary, the use of a professional mediator.

If the above option is not available/appropriate or the seller is not responding then you should contact either your credit card issuer or Payment Provider such as Paypal, NOCHEX etc. Depending on the company you may find you may be able to recover any monies paid - this will obviously depend on the circumstances.

The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) will consider complaints from consumers about traders, but please note that they are unable to seek redress or compensation for individual cases. The OFT can provide guidance on whom to contact for help though - You can contact them on 08457 22 44 99, or email

If you discover that something you bought on auction has been falsely described then you may wish to contact Consumerline on 0845 600 62 62.

If you believe that you have been a victim of criminal fraud then you may wish to report it to the Police. You can report it online by visiting the following site -

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