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Use Your Feedback To Increase Bids

With new sellers joining eBay everyday it can become a constant battle to ensure that you stand out from the competition. These days sellers have realised that additional traffic can be generated off eBay and directed towards their own listings. No longer complacent that simply listing items will suffice many sellers now have websites, newsletters etc in an attempt to increase the visibility of their auction listings.

From research we have conducted with auction buyers it is clear that an important component when thinking about placing a bid is the sellers feedback & trading history. In simple terms, customer confidence is increased when they see positive feedback and a good trading history, this in turn can lead to an increase in bids.

In most cases, sellers will have built up positive feedback over many months or years. However promoting that feedback/trading history on a sellers own website has historically never been easy. Our new Free eBay tool changes that and enables sellers to display a feedback icon on their own webpages or newsletters.

AuctionFB is a simple and effective way to increase the visibilty of a sellers reputation. Easily create a constantly updated feedback icon which will also provide a direct link to your eBay pages. In seconds a smart looking icon can be displayed with your User ID, Feedback Total and the Percentage of Positive Feedbacks. Choose from a selection of colours and styles to match your own website then simply copy & paste the code into your webpages!

This tool works with the following sites: eBay(UK), eBay(US), eBay(CA), eBay(AU).

Create a Free Account, Copy & Paste, Display Your Feedback - it's that easy! - eBay Feedback Display

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