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eBay, holidays & the credit crunch!

When the credit crunch was first announced you may have been forgiven for thinking it was a tasty new breakfast cereal. However I think we are all acutely aware of the ramifications of the credit crunch and the effect it's having. With many more people tightening their belts holiday bookings for this year and 2009 are predicted to be way down.

At times like these it's a good idea to look out for more ways of saving money whilst not neccesarily impacting your lifestyle. Online auction giant eBay has more to offer than many people think and holidays both home & abroad are a growing area that should certainly be tempting for travellers.

We have received quite a few emails from auction buyers over the last month with a typical example of the bargains to be had revealed by Julie an avid bargain hunter from Yorkshire. "We left our holidays to the last minute this year and I had been searching the normal travel websites for a week away somewhere hot with my husband. One evening I happened to be on eBay(UK) searching for something totally unrelated when I thought I wonder if they have any holidays listed? I was suprised I hadn't thought of it earlier! Quite a selection of holidays both packages and accommodation only type deals were available. Within minutes I was bidding on a week for two in Spain. The advice I would give is to make sure you read the descriptions properly so you know exactly what you are bidding on. I'm now looking forward to the holiday and I estimate I saved about 120 over something similar I had seen from the travel agents. That money will probably go towards the Sangria bill...."

Well that example is just one of the emails received - most have similar tales of savings. In some other cases, airline tickets have been available and bought at rock bottom prices at auction. These tickets have usually been bought in advance by a holiday maker and for one reason or another unfortunately something has come up that prevents them being used. Whilst it is unfortunate for the original purchaser it can mean a real bargain for the ebayer as the tickets need to get unloaded fast so often go cheap. We've listed some handy links to some of the more popular eBay searches and some bidding reminders that we hope you find helpful. Beat the Credit Crunch with great savings and enjoy your hols!

  • Remember - Check The Lot Details

  • Thoroughly review the description of the lot you are thinking of bidding on - it may be an idea to print this out. Ensure you know what you are buying prior to placing a bid.

  • Search By Holiday Type

  • Narrow down the search for the type of holiday you are looking for on eBay by clicking one of the quick links below:

    Package Holidays | Short Breaks | Self-Catering | Accommodation Only | Flights

  • Search By Country

  • Looking for a holiday overseas? Here are some quick links to some of the more popular places on eBay:

    Spain | France | Cyprus | Turkey | Portugal | Italy | Euro Disney | United Kingdom

  • Be Adventurous

  • Do something different every holiday you take with these quick links:

    Caravans | Campervans & Motorhomes | Boats | Power Boats | Canal Boats

  • Check The Seller's Feedback

  • Feedback is a way for previous customers to rate the seller and this is worth checking prior to bidding on an item. It's a great way to see if your seller has a good trading history.

  • Ask The Seller Questions

  • If you are unsure about any aspect of the item you are considering purchasing then contact the seller. Good sellers will always be happy to answer reasonable questions. Better to ask now than to leave it until it is too late.

    Happy Bidding & Happy Holidays!!

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