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Top 20 Hot Christmas Toys in 2008 - eBay UK

With Christmas fast approaching now is a great time to start looking for and buying this years hot Christmas toys. In previous years high demand and short supply often meant frustrating trips to the high street combined with paying inflated prices for those must have toys.

This year with the credit crunch in full effect it is more important than ever to ensure that you get in early to get the very best deals. We predict that toy retailers will be heavily discounting prices which may mean that the best sellers are sold out before the Christmas shopping season gets into full swing.

Our Hot Twenty Toy List for the 2008 holiday season serves as a good starting point to help parents, friends and family find the perfect gift for any child. Based on industry source predictions we will have to wait and see what the top eBay Christmas sellers 2008 will actually be. The list includes a new twist on the old favourite, Monopoly, with the new Monopoly Here and Now World Edition featuring 22 cities from around the world. Also included are other firm favourites such as the Doctor Who and Star Wars with their voice changer offerings. Following the phenominal success of the High School Musical series of films it is fairly predicatable that the dance mats and fashion dolls will be amongst the big sellers this Christmas. Other well known brands predicted to make a resurgance this year are Meccano, Scalextric, Teletubbies & Elmo.

* Top Twenty Hot Christmas Toy predictions based on manufacturer, retailer and industry sources.
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