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PlayStation 4 Still Available - At A Price

As most of the world must know by now the new Playstation 4 launched only a matter of days ago to an eagerly awaiting gaming community. The extremely dedicated choose to camp out, some for days, to ensure that they were first in line when the new console was released in the UK this past Friday.

For those who have not yet got their hands on the new Playstation you may well be in for a long wait. Certainly if you haven't already pre-ordered your PS4, then it's unlikely that Santa will be delivering you one this Christmas. As with many recent tech launches it has been reported that the Playstation 4 is sold out in many outlets across the UK.

As is also par for the course with new releases, the Playstation 4 is still available on eBay UK and eBay US - but for a price. Sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 on both eBay sites have soared since they were released for sale. eBay US recently reported that there were 10,000 PS4s sold on the auction site from November 15 to November 17 alone, with a console selling an average of two consoles per minute.

Several press reports have already started to question the increased prices the PS4's are being offered for on both sites. The current average price of the PS4 in the UK is over £500 and in the United States around $600 though this is likely to change over coming days.

There certainly seems to be a brisk trade in the latest Sony offering and whilst the demand is significant the prices will remain high. Regardless of the price though, many are opting to ensure that they get they get their PS4 this Christmas, by buying now.

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Posted: Mon December 02 10:30 GMT



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