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eBay Top Twenty Christmas Toys 2015

Auction Tools provider Auctionlotwatch released today its annual predictions for what will be the hottest and most popular Christmas toys on eBay this year. Based on industry source predictions & online search monitoring the list takes a peek into what is already developing into another record breaking shopping season.

Last year toy sales in the UK saw a very respectable 4.4% increase in sales on the previous year, with around 3 billion ($4.5 billion USD) spent on some 416 million toys. Some analysts are predicting that this Christmas shopping season will be a tipping point for UK shoppers with more being spent online than offline in stores. The Evening Standard recently agreed quoting reports predicting that online spend will hit 3.2 billion over the course of November alone.

With Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping events ahead many shoppers will recall last years scenes of near panic buying that caught not only shoppers by surprise but also many retailers. Many major shopping sites were struggling to keep their sites online such was the pressure of traffic at peak periods. No doubt this year retailers will have been working towards ensuring that there is no repeat of those events. eBay UK look to be first at trying to spread sales out throughout this shopping period as indicated by their recent discounts issued late October.

Predictably that means that this year, the advice again, is to shop early if you wish to secure those "must have" toys this Christmas. Industry analysts stated recently that whilst toy makers often complain of stock shortages before Christmas, even big companies such as Lego do get caught out when increased popularity means that demand exceeds supply. The Danish toy maker apologised in recent days for failing to predict an 18 per cent boost in sales earlier this year which had put 'strain' on its manufacturers. A spokesperson for the worlds best selling toy maker insisting it would try to ensure it was not "disappointing children" this Christmas.

So with Christmas fast approaching, a huge range of toys and adverts that flood every form of media it can be a difficult task deciding what to buy your little ones. Our round-up of the eBay Top Twenty Christmas Toys will predict this years popular toys that may well be appearing under many a tree come Christmas morning.

This year's Top Christmas Toys List will be dominated by characters from the big and small screen, including Star Wars, Frozen, Thunderbirds and a Minions inspired Tumbling Stuart toy. It will be a hard fought battle between the blockbusters at the top of the list with no surprises at some of the names featured. It seems that recently it wouldn't quite be Christmas if toys based on the blockbuster Disney animation Frozen didn't feature predominantly. Reports suggesting that again this year Frozen has been named on an annual "most-wanted" top 20 toys list produced by industry insiders.

Keith Chapman, creator of Bob the Builder and other children's shows, commented recently about the variety in this year's Top Toy list: "With Thunderbirds already back on our screen and legacy characters like Minions, Lego and Barbie going from strength to strength it's no surprise they dominate the list. Kids today want to bring to life their favourite characters, creating stories in their own homes and many of the toys on this year's list allow them to do this."

At the other end of the Christmas list shoppers will see a toy for the older child that is expected to make a significant impact by being a big seller this Christmas. Mini Quadcopters come under the umbrella name of drones and if the predictions are correct we could be being buzzed by a wide range of flying "toys". Whilst a recent article highlighted the increased demand and eBay drone concerns this Christmas in reality shoppers in the UK will not see demand at the same level.

Parents can make savvy shoppers - especially at Christmas - so we hope that you find our list below helpful. Click the toys to see the latest prices and availability from a range of sellers on eBay:


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With Christmas only a matter of weeks away - there really is no time to waste if you want to buy this years popular Christmas toys. As repeated every year - to receive the best discounts and avoid paying inflated prices for those must have presents the advice from the industry specialists is clear make sure you do your Christmas shopping as early as you can.

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Posted: Wed November 3 11:30 GMT



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* Top Twenty Hot Christmas Toy predictions based on manufacturer, retailer & industry sources.