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Kate Middleton's Topless Photos - eBay Users Cashing In

Whilst the latest Royal photo scandal is obviously deeply upsetting and embarrassing for the Royal couple that hasn't stopped enterprising eBay sellers from cashing in.

Never known to be slow off the mark copies of the French Closer magazine, which feature the topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, are being offered for sale by eBay sellers on the UK auction site.

The magazine, which is not available to buy in the UK, has as you might expect being doing a roaring trade since the scandal broke and it hit the shelves last week.

At the time of this article there were over forty sales featuring the Closer Magazine & Kate Middleton's topless photos available on eBay UK. Most of the auctions have bids certainly reflecting that there is a demand for what could be the last time we see such invasive photos again.

Enterprising sellers have cashed in with one offering a "Buy It Now" price of 35 with the seller leaving a note reading: "closer magazine in french bought back from paris today has photos of the royals topless." When we checked one of the auctions had multiple bids with a price of 26 and a few hours left to run. It has also been reported in the Mirror that one auction "attracted 12 bids before it was eventually sold for 31.01, nearly 26 times its retail price of 1.20."

Given the ruling by a French Court today it looks like it will be the last time these photos appear in a French Magazine.

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Posted: Tue September 18 11:30 GMT



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